Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Revisi Pelaporan Cadangan SEC

Tanggal 29 Desember, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mengumumkan bahwa mereka secara aklamasi menyetujui revisi dalam rangka mordenisasi persyaratan pelaporan perusahaan migas untuk membantu investor mengevaluasi "value" dari investasi mereka di perusahaan migas.

Revisi yang cukup penting antara lain:

The new disclosure requirements approved by the Commission include provisions that permit the use of new technologies to determine proved reserves if those technologies have been demonstrated empirically to lead to reliable conclusions about reserves volumes. The new requirements also will allow companies to disclose their probable and possible reserves to investors. Currently, the Commission’s rules limit disclosure to only proved reserves.

The new disclosure requirements also require companies to report the independence and qualifications of a reserves preparer or auditor; file reports when a third party is relied upon to prepare reserves estimates or conducts a reserves audit; and report oil and gas reserves using an average price based upon the prior 12-month period rather than year-end prices. The use of the average price will maximize the comparability of reserves estimates among companies and mitigate the distortion of the estimates that arises when using a single pricing date.

Teks lengkap dari Press Release tsb dapat dilihat disini.

Aturan mengenai harga rata rata selama periode 12 bulan menjadi sangat relevan saat ini, untuk tahun 2008 ini saja, bayangkan kalau menggunakan harga year- end price yang berkisar $ 40 per barrel.

Wishing everyone a peaceful, healthy and joyful New Year.


asyifudin said...

Halo mas, lagi sibukkah?? kok belum update dengan tulisan2 baru..:)

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